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We love working with a variety of clients that are curious about making their brand more inclusive or planet friendly and those that are deep in the trenches of social or environmental movements. Browse our work below.

This vibrant promotional image for the 'Where Ideas Launch' podcast features a stunning view of a classic church in a bustling town square, overlaid with the bold text 'Where Ideas Launch'. The setting is bathed in sunlight, underscoring the podcast's focus on illuminating sustainable innovation and global perspectives. Hosted by a charismatic leader from Trinidad, this top UK-based podcast delves into conversations with diverse individuals dedicated to creating a sustainable future. The image, symbolizing cross-cultural dialogue and exploration, perfectly embodies the spirit of the show which aims to inspire listeners worldwide with stories of environmental and social entrepreneurship.

Services: brand design, WordPress website design and build, media kit

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This image showcases the distinctive brand mark of Rise South City, a Latino-founded nonprofit dedicated to empowering BIPOC communities in South San Francisco. The logo features a bold, blue symbol combining elements of a sun and crescent moon, representing growth, renewal, and the dynamic nature of the community it serves. Set against a backdrop of softly filtered palm trees that evoke a sense of place and heritage, the logo embodies the organization’s commitment to nurturing and supporting its community through innovative programs and services. This visual symbolizes Rise South City’s focus on community development and inclusivity.

Services: brand design, Wix website design and build

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This image captures a charming storefront on 60th Street adorned with the '60th Street Strong' decals, symbolizing local businesses' commitment to combating gun violence in West Philadelphia. The weathered wooden door and autumn-tinged leaves frame the posted signs that declare the community’s strength and unity. These window decals not only mark the participation of local enterprises but also visually represent the spirit of resilience and cooperation fostered by the ACHIEVEability-led initiative. Through such visible endorsements, the 60th Street community prominently displays its dedication to creating a safer, more supportive environment.

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- Emma Soler, ACHIEVEability

Objective: Develop a brand identity for 60th Street Strong, a community-driven initiative focused on combating gun violence in West Philadelphia, lead by ACHIEVEability.

Outcome: Crafted a compelling brand design that reflects the strength and unity of the 60th Street community. The branding has supported the coalition's mission to engage young adults through apprenticeships, job placements, mentorships, and community events, fostering a safer and more cohesive neighborhood.

Impact: Since its launch, the initiative has significantly impacted the local community. Within six months, the program successfully engaged 53 youth in paid internships, providing them with professional skills in a supportive environment and contributing to a reduction in local gun violence.

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This dynamic image captures the essence of 'Squeezy', a concept fruit drink that champions local agriculture and healthful enjoyment. The can, adorned in a vibrant mint green, stands boldly against a lively beach backdrop, where waves energetically splash around it. The design features the playful text 'The Apple of My Eye' above the brand name 'Squeezy', highlighting its apple flavor and wholesome ingredients. Below, a commitment to 'Supporting Local Farms' is clearly stated, emphasizing the brand's dedication to sourcing ingredients from local producers. This refreshing scene not only visually entices but also communicates the drink’s core values of sustainability and community support.

Brand Design for Flavored Water

Explore this creative social media grid designed for a cutting-edge QR code SaaS startup from California, displayed on a mobile device interface. The colorful array of posts is strategically arranged to highlight various features and successes of the service, including case studies with notable metrics like '30% CTR' and '15% email opt-in rate.' Each post combines vivid graphics with concise, impactful data points and calls to action, such as 'Create Your Business Card Today' and 'Loyalty Rewards.' This visually appealing layout is crafted not only to inform but also to engage and attract potential users by showcasing the versatility and effectiveness of the QR code solutions offered.

Social Media Design for SAAS Startup in California

Welcome to the lively and colorful world of Hattiesburg, Mississippi, presented through this engaging promotional banner. Displayed prominently, the banner features an artistic mural with two individuals joyfully dancing, perfectly capturing Hattiesburg’s vibrant cultural scene. 'Experience Hattiesburg' is boldly highlighted, drawing the viewer's attention to the diverse attractions awaiting exploration. Below, a series of photographs showcases the city’s offerings, from gourmet dining and lush parks to lively community events, each annotated with descriptive icons. This banner is crafted to entice visitors, offering them a glimpse into the diverse experiences that make Hattiesburg a must-visit destination.

Signs for the City of Hattiesburg

This thoughtfully composed image showcases The Wisbys, a vibrant community hub for women leading sustainable businesses. Displayed on a simple white plate are key items symbolizing the organization’s focus: a smartphone with the Wisbys app open, displaying their social media profile, and a stylishly designed notebook with the organization's green and peach logo. The presence of dried poppy heads resting on the notebook with chopsticks creatively points to the sustainable and global influence of the community. This setup not only visually represents The Wisbys’ digital and networking tools but also celebrates their first award show in 2023, highlighting their commitment to supporting and recognizing women entrepreneurs in sustainability.

Brand Design for a Women in Sustainable Business Community and Awards

This image features a sleek promotional graphic for Twin Raven Marketing, a dynamic agency serving small businesses across Mississippi and Maine. The design prominently displays the agency's logo alongside the motivating tagline 'figure out your audience,' set against a clean white background on the left side of the graphic. To the right, a vibrant blue pattern with tribal-inspired motifs adds a visually striking element that complements the agency's established color scheme. This piece of brand collateral is part of a broader effort to enhance Twin Raven Marketing's visibility and effectiveness in communicating their comprehensive range of services, from social media management to email marketing and advertising.

Brand Collateral for a Marketing Agency

This image presents a new webpage designed for VIBE, a Denver-based gym dedicated to creating an inclusive space for women and the LGBTQ+ community. The page layout is vibrant and welcoming, featuring a colorful geometric background that complements the gym’s established branding. It includes sections such as 'Sneak Peak Inside VIBE', showcasing inviting images of the gym’s facilities, and 'Member Benefits', which details the classes, partner benefits, and welcoming spaces provided. Testimonials titled 'What Members Love About Us' highlight positive member experiences, enhancing the community feel. This page, maintained and enhanced by GuiltFree Agency, ensures all visitors receive a comprehensive and engaging overview of what VIBE offers, tailored specifically to its target audience.

Website Maintenance for an Established Women and LGBTQ+ Gym

Displayed in this image is the playful and informative interface of a pet nutrition app designed to educate pet owners on healthy diet practices for their furry friends. The app’s home screen features a charming photo of a dog wearing sunglasses, lounging in a green hammock, symbolizing the carefree and healthy lifestyle that the app promotes. Surrounding the central image are navigational icons and repeated slogans 'Sit, Stay, Nourish' in bold, dark green letters against a lighter background, emphasizing the app's focus on easy and accessible pet care. This app design invites users to engage deeply with features that help monitor and improve pet health, including options to invite sitters and manage feeding schedules, making it a comprehensive tool for pet wellness.

Brand Design for a Pet Nutrition App

This image features a polished and inviting design of a concept website dedicated to breast cancer awareness and research. Displayed on both desktop and mobile interfaces, the website's main page highlights a 'Fight to Educate' section with a soft pink color scheme that gracefully emphasizes its focus on health and community support. A group photo of diverse individuals, symbolizing unity and strength, anchors the visual content. Below the main image, the website offers several interactive elements including 'Mental Health Chat', 'Support The Fight', and 'Find A Doctor', each accompanied by intuitive icons for user-friendly navigation. The layout is thoughtfully designed to engage visitors, providing essential information and resources related to breast cancer awareness, making it an effective tool for education and outreach.

Website Design for a Breast Cancer Research Organization

This playful and inviting brand design represents 'Pip's', a concept for a pizza and arcade restaurant. The image features the restaurant's logo in bold, stylized lettering that reads 'Pip's wood oven pizza & fun', highlighted against a light teal background decorated with whimsical white doodles of pizza slices, arcade games, soda cups, and game controllers. The design elements cleverly intertwine the themes of delicious dining and lively entertainment, encapsulating the essence of a fun-filled venue where food and games come together to create unforgettable experiences. The overall look is fresh and energetic, perfectly conveying the establishment’s aim to be a go-to spot for both families and friends.

Brand Design for a Pizzeria and Arcade

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