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It's all about building a brand strategy that helps you achieve your revolutionary vision. Book an Empowerment Day to help you refine your rebel brands goals, mission, values, and more.

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Why should you book an Empowerment Day?

You're feeling stuck in the DIY phase of your business and you're not completely sure what's holding you back. Maybe you're feeling overwhelmed because you are doing everything yourself and need some help figuring out the next steps in your business.

This is a sign that you need more personalized help.

That's exactly what an Empowerment Day is for. You and I go over as much as possible from my 12 point brand checklist to figure out what needs to be refined in your business.

What's the plan?

After you submit an application you'll get an email confirmation with my service guide. The PDF will explain in depth how the Empowerment Day works. For starters, here's a quick breakdown:

  • You apply then I review your application within in a couple business days to ensure we'd be a good fit.
  • If approved, you'll get a link to a 30 min consultation where we go over the Empowerment Day service.
  • We'll discuss payment options and timelines.
  • You'll book your two game plan sessions one week apart and your Empowerment Day

Empowerment Days are held week days where we'll be on a video call between 10 am to 2 pm Mountain Time.

After, you'll get PDF brand strategy guide going over everything we discussed during the day.

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There is currently a two week lead time for this service. Please keep that in mind as you go to apply.

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