25 Questions to Discover Your Target Audience

As a business owner, it's VITAL to establish your target audience. It'll change your title from small business owner to CEO!

There are so many incredible benefits to creating a solid target audience. Here are the top three benefits

  1. Increase brand awareness
  2. Breed customer loyalty
  3. Grow an engaged community

With that being said, one size does not fit all. At The GuiltFree Agency, we're all about personalized strategy, so here are the 25 questions broken down by industry.

Happy Target Audience Hunting!!

Food Industry

  1. What flavors do they like?
  2. What allergies do they have?
  3. What colors do they enjoy?
  4. What textures do they enjoy when eating the "XYZ" dish? (Example: Do they like mashed potatoes with the skin or without?)

Beauty and Fashion

  1. Do they have sensitive skin?
  2. What are their favorite colors?
  3. What are their favorite styles or looks?
  4. Do they spend a lof of time outdoors?
  5. Are they constantly on the go?

Service Industry

  1. Where do my clients spend their time?
  2. What are their struggles?
  3. What tone would they be receptive to?
  4. What do they know, and no know?
  5. How much can they pay for my services?

Tech Industry

  1. What functionality do they want?
  2. Do they want to maintain the software/database/website themselves?
  3. Are they tech-savvy?
  4. Where do they purchase their software?
  5. How do they run their business?

For Every Business

  1. What do they expect from my business?
  2. What is important to them?
  3. How do I want them to feel when working with me?
  4. What stage are they in business?
  5. What are the benefits of my business?

As you can tell asking the right questions to discover your target audience is vital. Still not sure how this helps you stand out? Join my FREE Facebook group where I go live weekly on how impact-driven entrepreneurs can stand out and attract their dream clients!

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